Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on

I wonder what
Supersedes sanity
And carries me off to
Foreign lands with lust
In a Princess Castle?
The sea mist in the air
That forwards all truth and
Turns it into sweet Dreamlands
Made for two.
Our world is perfect
The air is tender and frantic.
You take my hair and brush
It out of my ice blue eyes
Pull me to you
And take my air away.
I feel myself melt
In your fairyland
With the sun warming my naked skin.
The air brushes my back and I fall into
A blanket of gardenias.  
You fall on me
And nothing can stop us
As we partake in the movement that makes our frantic breath collide.
I gasp for air as I cling to your back over me
I dig my nails into your skin and pierce your flesh
But you don’t mind.
You sigh deep into me and
I summon sounds that creates our love song.
Petals of silk massage my skin
I give way to an explosion binding my hands above my head
As my body stretches to the point of ache
Pain and pleasure collide as you are deep and I accept.
Take me to this Castle again and again.
Once and again.
And again…

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