Place Inside my Mind

You make me seek

you make me hide

you make me run

you make me find.

I keep running back

to the place inside you

where I know

where I glide.

The freedom to laugh

the place to be

found lost in your symphony.

I caress your lies

I hide your truth

the feelings I need to run,

the place to shun.

For in the high

I find my soul

screaming to go back to the darkness I control.

You make me dark

You make me whole

Lost in the sea

of forgotten destiny.

I fight you off

I beg your pardon

The love I ‘ve lost you’ve forgotten.

I beg you to take me away

Sweet grace tonight

To a place

You call my right.

To a place inside His matter.


You make me lie

you make me cheat

yet I have nothing without my savior’s feat.

God give me the strength to overcome

Pardon me, sweet grace

From Addictions

darkest treat.