My Silent Lullaby

Where have you gone?

I feel you deep inside me as if you were still there.

But now as the wind blows through the trees

There is no whistle. There is no sound.

Where have you gone?

Why were you taken so quickly?

Were you here only to say goodbye? Only to kiss the sky?

I lift my hands to the heavens to give you back,

Before I was even able to kiss your newborn skin.

There is no song. There is no sound.

I hold my hands to my heart in ache

Where are you now?

How will I ever be the same without ever hearing your laughter?

The giggles of innocence silenced.

Without a heartbeat without a breath.

There is no laugh. There is no sound.

Are you lost?

… have you found someone to rock you to sleep at night?

I hope you are taken care of, I pray you are not fearful…

Hush baby… don’t be scared,

For I am always here and will never forget you.

I whisper in your ear as you cry and kiss away our tears.

…I will always sing to you

My Silent Lullaby.

~Ami Beth Cross~July 2009

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