Take me past this pain.

Submerge me in your water

So I can stay above the ground.

Deep end meet me there where only we exist.


Take my hand.

As we walk together

Past the pain.

You called me out of the night.

And Cried with me…


Take me past this pain.

Cover me with your blanket because

The addiction of love fills my lungs so deep

I can’t breathe…

I crash to the surface and see only blurry blanks in my eyes.


Take me away~


Past the pain

Back to the surface.

Fill the void.


Take my hand and hold it tight

As we cry into the night.

Together lost in the deep.

Crash into the water~

Floating above the ground.


You see me.

You saved my last cry

~took my hand,

And saw the bleakness in my eyes and fed me light.


Save me tonight.


You saved me tonight.

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